Win Free Stuff With Free Entry Competitions

How do you fancy learning to fill your house with freebies? That’s what we aim to deliver here at Free Entry Competitions!

You will soon know how to find and enter competitions at lightning speed to exponentially increase your chances of being a winner.


Keep checking back for more as we add more free prize draws to the site for you to enter.

Win A Pressure Washer With Winnersville Free Competitions

If you ever find yourself struggling to motivate yourself to go out and wash the car, today we’ve got just the competition for you!

Winnersville free competitions are giving away a pressure washer to one lucky winner who comes out of the hat first after the upcoming closing date in this exciting prize draw. NOW CLOSED!

For those of you that like the geeky detail, it’s a 3000PSI Wolf petrol pressure washer, it comes highly rated from industry experts. Cleaning the family ca need never be a chore again as they’re actually really good fun to get out of the garage, and because they run on petrol, there’s no power cable to trail into the house or garage to plug in. Whoever wins this fab prize is going to be in for a treat, and the kids are probably going to be as keen to go out and help as you are!

While some people believe they’re not good for car washing, here’s a helpful Youtube video explaining why one man believes it’s not an issue worth worrying about:

Get into the draw over at today, and the Wolf petrol pressure washer could be winging its way to you in a few short weeks time. Good luck! NOW CLOSED!


Win Big With Enter Competitions Online

Let’s kick off with one of our favourite sites on the web, that update without fail every week. Enter Competitions Online religiously post the details of each week’s ITV competitions on their website, and even keep up with the new shows as they appear (most recently the distinctly average TV show ‘Secret Dealers’:

There are certain shows which run prize draws week in, week out throughout the year on ITV, namely GMB, This Morning, Loose Women and Dickinson’s Real Deal, and have huge prizes to win. Typical prize include a cash or voucher element, and often also have a car, holiday or gadget bundle too. The gadgets often sound like a weak prize, but when you consider there’s at least a few Apple products like iPads and iPhones to win, along with mountain bikes and huge smart TVs, the total value runs into tens of thousands of pounds.

ITV are investing a lot of money into Good Morning Britain as they lag a long way behind Rivals BBC Breakfast, the former home of host Susanna Reid:

That’s at least part of the reason why competitions are so prominent, as they will encourage viewers to come back again and again as there’s no competitions on the BBC.

The way the site works is to list the question for the week (or sometimes it’s daily), and provide you with a link to enter the competition on the ITV website. I suspect that ITV intentionally make it hard to enter unless you watch the shows, but the reality of today is the Internet community does everything for you, so if you miss it, you can find in on the web. That’s exactly what Enter Competitions Online are doing, and doing very well.

They’ve even got a Twitter feed and Facebook page if you like that social networking stuff, and their video archive is available on Youtube too if you want to check back at previous competitions.